Summary of Contract Negotiations
2018-19 & 2019-20

If you have questions about the contract please contact Garrett Hooper, Lead Negotiator, COCFA at

If you have questions about the elections process please contact Kathy Flynn, Elections Chair, COCFA  at

2018-19 Non-Compensation Items

Updated TB testing 

o  Required every 4 years per California law

o  Article 14:  Safety, section B, pg. 54

·     Classroom Visitation Report use through 2018-19

o  Either form can be used (1-5, 5-1) through 2018-19, given the discrepancy in 2017-18 contract with changes made to digital copy

o  Does not impair faculty ability to grieve the process

o  MOU, pg. 163; Classroom Visitation Report, pg. 132

Addition of “Interim” faculty to “Probationary” and “Temporary” designation for evaluation.

o  Article 7:  Evaluation of Contract (Probationary Contract, Temporary, and Interim) Faculty Members, pg. 15

Changes to tenured and non-tenured evaluation & committee summary reports

o  Signature line for Evaluatee, Report of Tenure Review Committee, pg. 127

o  CreatedCommittee Summary - Tenured Faculty Evaluation Report, pg. 129

o  Added language to Committee Summary - Non-TenuredandCommittee Summary - Tenured Faculty Evaluation Reports notifying faculty that all evaluation paperwork will be placed in their personnel file, pg. 128 - 129

Adoption of Department Chair Evaluation

o  Article 12: Workload and Work Days, section K.12, pgs. 49-50

o  Appendix G-6: Department Chair/Program Coordinator Evaluation, pgs. 118-120

Pilot of Faculty Director evaluation, spring 2019

o  Appendix G-7: Faculty Director Evaluation, pg. 121

o  Tentative Agreement for Faculty Director Evaluation, pgs. 167-171

Curricular Coordinators

o  Agreement on Curricular Coordinator job description, with compensation schedule approved through 2019, to be negotiated during 2019-2020

o  MOU,Curricular and Assessment Coordinators, pgs. 164-166

Article 10:  Leaves

o  Added gender-neutral language (replaced “his/her” with “their”) throughout article

o  Increased bereavement leave to 5 days per incident, up to a maximum of 10 days in line with CSEA agreement

§ Definition of “immediate family” removed, replaced with “any member of a unit member’s family or any non-relative of the unit member living in the immediate household”

o  Added “domestic partner” to section O., Family Leave

o  Article 10:  Leaves, pgs. 30-36

Article 11:  Load Banking

o  Added language defining Counselors’ ability to load bank either hours or TLUs in overload

o  Article 11:  Load Banking, pgs. 37-39

Article 12:  Large class enrollment caps

o  Addition of 1.2x TLU factor for 45 students

o  Language added regarding maintaining TLU factor despite dipping below target at census

o  Article 12:  Workload and Work Days, section A.1.d, pg. 41

Article 12:  Counselor workload

o  Defined student contact hours

o  Article 12:  Workload and Work Days, section H, pgs. 44-45

2018-19 Compensation

3.71% (COLA +1)

o  Salary increase = 4.37%, retroactive to July 1, 2018

o  Increase on-going health & welfare contribution per faculty to $15,482

o  Appendix D:  Total Compensation, pg. 88

·     Tentative Agreement 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Total Compensation and Supplemental Services Preauthorization, pgs. 173-181

2019-20 Compensation

COLA + $24,950

o  COLA projected 3.46%, TBD May 2019

o  H&W shortfall based on 2019-20 CalPERS rates, TBD June 2019

o  Salary increase TBD based on confirmed COLA, H&W shortfall

o  Appendix D:  Total Compensation, pg. 89

Overload/summer/winter rate increased to $75.62

o  Removed from total compensation beginning July 1, 2019

§ Appendix D:  Total Compensation, pg. 85

o  Attached to AFT salary schedule (range 2/step 3) beginning July 1, 2019

§ Increases as AFT salary schedule increases with subsequent contract agreements

§ Re-negotiated upon reorganization or structural revision to AFT schedule

§ Appendix B-1:  F/T Academic Overload Salary Schedule, pg. 78

§ Appendix B-2:  F/T Academic Summer & Winter Salary Schedule, pg. 79

Non-instruction rate removed

o  Creation of a pre-authorization process, negotiated with the District spring 2019

o  Article 16 - Non-Instructional Non-Service Days Assignments, pg. 56

·     Tentative Agreement 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Total Compensation and Supplemental Services Preauthorization, pgs. 173-181