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We’re pivoting…

From the picket line to the ballot box. Show the Board of Trustees that you deserve Better Leadership! Continue to wear your COCFA T-shirt, button, with pride. Be sure you are receiving information regarding contract negotiations, Board of Trustees Elections, social Events & COCFA Meetings.


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Getting Involved

The Faculty Association welcomes the involvement of its members. Here are
some of the ways you can get involved:


Join Our Mailing list

Email us from you personal email address at to receive communications from COCFA

Attend COCFA Events

Learn about events via your COCFA email contact, and on our calendar.

Wear your COCFA T-SHirt,
Display Buttons & Signs

If you need a COCFA T-shirt, button or stickers send your name and shirt size to

Attend Board of
Trustees meetings

Scheduled BOT meetings can be found here. Attend in-person or remotely by Confer—either way you receive flex credit.

Volunteer to address
the Board on behalf of faculty and COCFA

In order to speak to the Board, you will need to fill out a speaker’s slip. The time limit is 5 minutes per person and a total of 20 minutes per agenda item. We recommend that you keep your speech respectful, personal, and informational. Share a personal story so that when the Board considers our contract, you have helped personalize it for them.

with HAshtags

Share COCFA’s social posts, infographics and web content on social media - use these hashtags when posting:
#COCFA #UnionStrong #BetterLeadership #CollegeoftheCanyons

Political Update

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 1.57.43 PM.png

I2016-17 Political Action Committee

COCFA Payroll Deduction form

(fill out form and return to Anne Marenco) 

Political Action Committee Chair
Chris Blakey

Political Action Committee Treasurer
Anne Marenco

Political Action Committee Members
David Brill
Garrett Hooper

COCFA Candidate Interview & Endorsement Policy
Deliberation Ground Rules (Rep Council)
Deliberation Ground Rules (Interview Team)
Interview Ground Rules (Interview Team)